Northland Sheep Dairy is a small, 100% grass based farm located 30 miles east of Ithaca, New York. We milk a small flock of crossbred sheep selected to thrive on our native pastures. Our animals are not fed any grain or by-products -- they are 100% grass-fed.  We never use antibiotics and avoid the use of chemical wormers.  We use natural and homeopathic remedies to support herd health.

We produce truly handmade sheep cheese on the farm, using only our own raw sheep milk from 100% grass fed animals. We produce a number of hard and soft cheeses, aged in our own cheese cave.

Donn Hewes and Maryrose Livingston purchased Northland Sheep Dairy from the original owners, Jane and Karl North, after working in partnership with them for 5 years.   Maryrose is the shepherd and cheesemaker and Donn works the farm with his team of draft horses and mules.

In addition to our sheep cheese, we grow and sell 100% grass-fed lamb and mutton, as well as tanned sheepskins.